Frequently Asked Questions

My horse won’t eat from most slow feed haynets. How are these haynets any different? 
Designed with the horse in mind! Our nets are meticulously crafted with knot free nylon netting to be gentle on your horses teeth and eliminate discomfort while they munch. Choose our 2” square netting size for your finicky hay eater

What size netting do you offer? 
1.25” (coming soon) and 2”

How much hay does the mini hold? 
1-2 flakes

How much hay will the original hold?
3-5 flakes

What colors do you have to choose from? 
Black and red at the moment but we have BIG plans! Colors options to come will include; grey, purple, blue, leopard, serape, maroon and sea foam green

Do I get a discount if I buy so many nets? 
Interested in being a wholesaler? Contact us @ HH_21@aol.com

Do they come with a warranty? 
Yes! Our manufacturers warranty will provide you with a brand new net if there are any manufacturers defects whatsoever. All you have to do is be in contact within 7 days of delivery date.

Can I still place an order outside of the USA? Bare with us! 
We’re working hard to make this a plausible option.

How long will it take for me to get my order?
Orders are 1-2 weeks out. An email will be sent to the address given with your tracking information, this email will tell you the whereabouts of your order through the shipping process